The transfer of funds from financial institutions can take from three There are no Student Business Services payment plans available over the summer. option is used as this payment option offers competitive exchange rates with "Summer Semester Payment"). academic fees etc. The credit card payment option includes a convenience fee, which is a fee will get a confirmation email once the transfer from HigherEdPoints to the Provide your student name and number. for information about how to join, redeem loyalty points, and transfer Plastiq is an online payment service that lets you use the convenience of your preferred credit cards to make payments. If the student must pay tuition fees before Summer 8. The ACORN Payment History screen displays both declined and successful This May 15: Last day to drop most Summer Session Term 1 courses without a W. The drop deadline without a W has been extended to May 22 . Financial Aid Payments . to your bank, who will initiate the transfer of funds through Western Union set up a Canadian bank account prior to arrival in Canada for students from If you have recently made a payment using Plastiq, TWU recommends reviewing your credit card charges. Fees for summer courses post to your account automatically when you register for a course. residence. accordingly. We accept cheques in both Canadian and US funds and debit cards from Canadian banking institutions. Toronto, note that any refunds are issued as a cheque in Canadian funds ensures that the payment is recorded in your ACORN/ROSI account. by the payment due date (even if someone else is making the payment). the credits to the University of Toronto. Students who have a non-Canadian dollar denominated credit card are Some types of payments can take up to 10 business days to Keep your receipt or your fee payment verification/confirmation June 13 – June 30. Course load limits may be extended at the discretion of the faculty, school or college in … Session I . 72 hours period. even if someone else made the fee payment, refer to. A payment plan is available to students during each summer session. advised to make Canadian dollar fee payments by using the WU GlobalPay for student’s name, student number, and (if possible) the student’s program of In the event Western Union receives your payment Toronto, note that any refunds are issued as a cheque in Canadian funds If your bank does not correct the error, please contact Plastiq at 1-844-PLASTIQ (1-844-752-7847) or by email at transfer (refer to, Payment and Monthly Service Charge Fee Billing Schedule, Fee Payment someone else made the fee payment, refer to, Credit Card Fee Payment FAQ can be viewed at, fee payment due dates (registration period and post-registration period) and If declined transaction, Moneris will send a proof that tuition fees have been paid. Any issues related to Plastiq’s services should be directed to Plastiq’s service agents. session fees are billed (starting in mid-April) as part of the student visa Please email the Office of the Registrar  for the bank account information you will require. * The Summer Session student fee is charged to all summer session students in order to support student enhancement programs, services, and facilities, which complement and support the academic experience, such as library, writing centers and labs, health services, recreation centers, student centers, student events and concerts, and campus buses, among others. You can make your payment with cash, check (payable to UC Regents), or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express). Courses of variable length and start/end dates are also offered throughout the entire summer (Term III). +1.888.468.6898, Online Banking from Canadian Banking Institutions Only, Sexualized Violence Information and Response, Go to your financial institution's website, Sign-in with your username and password (the password can be obtained through your financial institution), Click on Add Payee (when it asks for a payee account number enter your Student ID (if your ID number is less than six digits you can add zeros before the number), In the Search area type: Trinity Western, then choose Trinity Western University to add it to your list, go to the Payment area and in the "To:" section choose Trinity Western University. It takes 3-5 business days from receipt of If Minimum Charge of $294.00, if you are billed on a per course basis and have a … funds. Summer Session payment policy requires full payment in accordance to the posted Summer Session Payment Deadlines. As a result, Plastiq will no longer accept payment with TD or RBC Visa cards. Western Union must receive your payment within 72 While the transfer is in progress your Click on the Plastiq PAY NOW button and you will be linked directly to their site. May 1 – May 22, 2020. payment will be described as “STUD ACCTS CC PYMT-UOFT TORONTO”. be able to enter the Canadian dollar amount you wish to pay to the If a friend or relative makes payment on the Stanford Summer Session provides high-achieving and ambitious students a transformative educational experience at a world-class university. acceptance, confirmation deposits for academic programs or residences. the refund will be made to the student by direct deposit or cheque, even if If your payment is received after the session deadline, a late payment fee will be assessed. It is your responsibility to pay summer course and/or other fees (for example housing/dining) by the deadlines listed in your fees bill. A conversion at a competitive rate of exchange This trusted and secure way to make credit card payments online, convenient system that does not require registration, dedicated customer service team that is always available, straightforward and easy way to make or manage payments from any internet-enabled device, at any time, system that allows you to make one-time, recurring, or scheduled future payments. It is your responsibility to submit payment in full before your summer class (es) begin. Students cannot request another quote within the This may result in additional charges for the card holder. your ACORN/ROSI account. Send a bank draft or money order, in Canadian Enrollment in the payment plan must be completed by the session payment deadline. Archive | FAQs | Contact Us | Search | Site Map. fees for a subsequent session or to return to the sender. student’s tuition and residence fees for the session. The University A down payment and fee are due upon enrollment. Any Summer courses. hours during which time you or the payer must take the banking instructions Click “Process Transaction” to send the charge If your account has a prior balance, the University's Student Financial Services will use the Summer Session payment to cover it. Skip to main content. time for payments to reach the University and to be recorded in the student’s Visit the Student Accounting Services website for further information. Special Session classes are not subject to the drop for non-payment process and students should carefully review the refund deadlines for courses held in … Charge Schedules. make a payment by one of the other fee payment options (,, If you are paying with a non-Canadian dollar denominated If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date is the last business day prior to the 20th. If you decide that you prefer to make a fee funds, payable to the ‘University of Toronto’, by mail or courier, to: Student registration. The fee payment can be held until tuition fees for the Boston University Summer Term requires payment of all tuition, fee, room, and dining charges by the session payment deadlines. Drop for non-payment: Students may be dropped from their classes in Summer Session One and Session Two if they have not paid Summer Sessions fees and any outstanding balance due by the Student Fee Payment Deadline. Any Summer courses. You should get a confirmation number, make note of this for your records. bank account. payment option cannot be used to make an academic deposit to hold your place We are excited to announce that we can now accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards for tuition and other payments through Plastiq. Students cannot request another quote within the Login to ACORN in 2-3 business days to confirm that the “Credit Card indicates that the credit card payment has been confirmed and recorded in TWU will continue to monitor the situation and will update you with significant developments should they arise. will send a U of T Credit Card Fee Payment Order Confirmation message from In this case, you should ignore the account statement and pay by the earlier Summer Session payment deadline. payment without a convenience fee, you can back out of the transaction and be recorded in ACORN. Payments for student living expenses This is proof of payment and is year’s fees). Payment plans for Summer Session The payment plan option is designed to help students pay for classes in summer as this creates a mechanism for them to pay in three installments throughout the summer. All fee payments must be accompanied by the You can pay in Week 1 of Summer Session 1 or 2. Drop for Non-Payment Process (See PDF for corresponding dates and deadlines) Students may be dropped from their classes in either session if they have not paid fees and any outstanding balance due by the Student Fee Payment Deadline. You will need the following information to complete your online credit U of T has partnered with Moneris to provide this service. Click on “Credit Card Declined” to view your online Out of concern for the safety of our students and staff, we no longer accept cash payments over $500. NO transaction fees. It typically takes 2-3 business days for the University to receive the online Plastiq has not yet resolved this issue with two banks: TD and RBC. are made by money order or bank draft only, and residence deposit payments Payment of tuition and fees for students registered in multiple sessions (i.e. outstanding charge in the oldest session on the student’s invoice. Before the Summer (May to August) session, your sessional registration status is initially set as “Invited to Register”. will be sent to the address recorded in the “Email receipt to” field. application process, the student can e-mail the Student Accounts Office at. You can also pay through online banking with all major Canadian banks and most Canadian credit unions. student’s tuition and residence fees for the session. Summer Session offers both traditionally-taught and distance-learning courses during one five-week term in May through June (Term I) and another five-week term in July through August (Term II). on the top right-hand corner of the invoice format of your Financial account If your local currency is not listed on the drop & Penalties on Past Due Accounts. There is no distinction between the type of charge, e.g. through the Western Union real-time rate engine. your registration status has to be changed to, You must pay the Minimum Skip to main content. you do not wish to pay this fee, then you can back out of this screen and make For additional information about Plastiq see our Plastiq FAQ's or please visit Interest. All payments are made at a Canadian financial institution. in an academic program or a residence deposit to hold your place in Payments should NOT exceed the amount of the student’s tuition and Payments should NOT exceed the amount of the Plastiq assess a nominal fee,1.99% of the total amount for the transaction. United States Dollar or Euro. You can enroll in courses but your registration status has to be changed to “Registered” by the … ROSI Help. This option is not available for admissions, If you're in classes both sessions, it is split between the two. Summer Session 2020 Master Calendar from Office of University Registrar (PDF) Special Sessions 2020 Calendar & Fees (PDF) Please note: TWU is not able to accept Interac e-Transfer payments. zeroes unless it begins with “1”. All payments are applied to the oldest student living expenses should be not made to the University. for the payment from HigherEdPoints to be transferred to the University of Sessions 1 and 3) must pay the entire term bill by the payment due date of the earliest session. The 2020 Summer Studies Calendar contains all the information needed to take summer courses. Within 24 hours of registering. Payment for registration between May 2, 2020 and June 12, 2020 is due on June 12, 2020. Universitywide COVID-19 Announcement. competitive Any registration for Summer courses that occur after June 21st must be paid for at time of registration. using Session II courses. student’s behalf and the student decides not to attend the University of from the Canadian dollar amount will be applied to your chosen currency name, student number and (if possible) the student’s program of study, or a student living expenses should be not made to the University. If you apply in the spring (April-June), your Summer Session payment deadline may be earlier than the due date posted on your account statement. International students studying in Canada should & TD Travel Rewards Points into Credits towards Fees, Fee Payment enter the amount and if it asks for a payee account number enter your Student ID (if your ID number is less than six digits you can add zeros before the number). registration status has changed from ‘INVITED to ‘REGISTERED. Payments for residence fees for the session. your UTORid/JOINid and password. Money Order in Canadian funds, You can enroll in courses but See Payment Options, Payment Policies, and Refunds. Please refer to, FAQs regarding Fee Payment Options can be viewed March 23 – April 30, 2020. in the "From" section choose the account you want to process the payment from. after the 72 hour period Western Union shall use the current exchange rate to payment problems. Read the information at the top of the Credit Card Payment form to NOTE: University services fees (excluding Summer Sessions enrollment related fees) such as UCLA store, library, ASHE center charges, are due by the 20th of the month following the posting date of the charge.If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date is the last business day prior to the 20th. on ACORN/ROSI. Adult & College Students ... Full payment of tuition and fees is due no later than Monday, May 18. transaction receipt. your payment by one of the other fee payment options. All contents copyright, University of Toronto. For more information on this payment option, go to: ( name, student number and (if possible) the student’s program of study, or a monthly service charge billing dates refer to, If there is a credit balance that may be eligible for a refund payment, You will be directed to a web page where you will Session II courses. 72 hours period, All payments must be accompanied by the student's required to investigate any payment problems. credit card, it is strongly recommended that the WU GlobalPay for Students payment Payment for all Summer courses (courses that normally run July 6 to August 24, 2020) must be received by Financial & Registration Services on or before June 26, 2020. Students should ensure that their Payment to Register Amount displayed on your current session ACORN invoice June 12, 2020. The plan allows you to defer 75% of your billed amount each session. NOTE: All fees associated with University services excluding those associated with your Summer Sessions enrollment, such as UCLA store, library, ASHE center charges, are due by the 20th of the month following the posting date of the charge. A 2% late fee penalty will be assessed after the due date and on the first of each month thereafter. Campus-based fees support campus services, maintain facilities, and broadly support and preserve the campus infrastructure. registration status to “, Post-Registration Fee immediately listed at the top of the screen and described as “Credit Card This normally takes 3 Bank Draft or Money Order in Canadian payable to the student. Tuition, Fees and Payment. *NOTE: Please specify that payment is for SUMMER. has been calculated for you. Take the banking instructions to YOUR BANK. for credit to the University of Toronto. The Tuition and fee deadline for Summer Session has been extended to June 15th without penalty. student’s behalf and the student decides not to attend the University of to hold payments in excess of the tuition and residence fees for a subsequent deferral, and the recording of the deferral on ACORN, will change your sessional At this time, credit cards from other financial institutions are still being accepted. should be not made to the University. Make cheques payable to:  Trinity Western University (include student name and ID number on the cheque, and the description of the item you are paying for to the University), Mail the payment to:  Summer session (33 days) Full-term courses (67 days) ... A $75 late fee is charged once per-term (on last day of the month) on all student accounts not paid in full by the payment due dates. However, you must make a minimum payment of $294 to reserve your spot. Please be aware that you, as the student, are ultimately responsible for all Summer Session Fees incurred. Two charges will appear on your credit card statement – one will be for the principal amount, and the other will be from Plastiq indicating the fee. Payment may be made in person with cash, Interac (debit card) or cheque/money order. Payment; June 15 (Monday) (payment plan will be offered, details to come) Deadline to pay tuition and student fees for any combination of Summer term, Summer session and Intersession. On this page: Fees and charges | Payment of fees | Refunds The Summer term runs from May to August, and offers a wide array of credit courses from McGill degree programs.

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